Public Speaking Consultant

Public speaking consultants are not necessarily active public speakers but rather they are public speaking “teachers” or “coaches”. As consultants their main job role is to teach others how to be effective public speakers. Most public speaking consultants were either former professional public speakers or they were (or still are) trained in theatrics or performing on stage in front of a live audience. Public speaking consultants are professionals who provide training and guidance to prospective and current public speakers. They provide their understudies with tips advice and feedback on their public speaking abilities. According to public speaking consultants typically focus on several key topics related to public speaking including the best way to structure a speech the best places to conduct research for the content of the speech how to utilize body language to convey a message and how to speak slow or fast depending on what is being spoken. There are several common issues which public speaking consultants must address when working with their clients which usually consist of teaching them how to be confident speakers practicing how to speak in front of an audience at the most appropriate pace (e.g. not too quickly) not over-using the hands and arms during a speech and ensuring that a speech contains engaging information and is not overly boring. Public speaking consultants are generally college graduates but more important than a formal education is the ability to teach and advise others on how to speak to an audience with confidence. While the salary range for this profession can vary greatly depending on the employer or the specific client(s) lists the average yearly earnings for a public speaking consultant between $24058 and $34273.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $29165.5
High Salary: $34273
Low Salary: $24058
Tasks: Teaches others the best way to verbally convey messages.
Provides tips on how to be a confident speaker.
Advises clients on how to speak at the correct pace and volume.
Instructs clients on how body language affects a presentation.
Also Called: Public Speaking Teacher
Public Speaking Advisor
Public Speaking Expert
Public Speaking Specialist
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