Photojournalists use pictures rather than words to tell a story. They are often employed by news organizations to cover events and stories locally nationally or internationally. Some photojournalists work a standard 40-hour week but others spend a great deal of time away from home working irregular hours. With this career there is considerable room for travel as well as the excitement of covering important breaking stories. Some aspiring photojournalists are self-taught. However earning a post-secondary degree in journalism is helpful. Also photojournalists can specialize in areas such as sports politics government or business in which case having some academic training in the field of interest can be advantageous. All photojournalists must have expertise in photographic techniques and familiarity with the most up-to-date photographic equipment. They must have a broad and detailed understanding of how to use film video and digital equipment and depending on the assignment they must be willing to enter potentially dangerous situations in order to take pictures. For example photojournalists are often responsible for taking photographs of areas engaged in a war or areas that have endured a natural disaster. After obtaining experience with a news organization some photojournalists advance to supervisory positions while others decide to take academic positions in colleges and universities where they can teach the necessary skills to students that want careers in photojournalism. Those who build a reputation for excellence and who enjoy tracking down stories may work independently and sell their stories to news organizations magazines or websites. There is considerable competition for photojournalist jobs. According to the website the average annual salary for entry-level photojournalists is approximately $38000. More experienced photojournalists earn approximately $42500 a year.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $40250
High Salary: $42500
Low Salary: $38000
Tasks: Takes pictures of newsworthy events.
Generates photographs to be used in newspapers or other news sources.
Travels around the world to record news via photographs.
Knows how to use and operate film, video, and digital equipment.
Also Called: Photographer
News Photographer
Digital Journalist
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