Photographers are experienced at using cameras and various types of photographic equipment and they also have an artistic eye. They take pictures that have a lasting appeal and also that tell a story. Most contemporary photographers use digital cameras but some still use traditional silver-halide film cameras and others use both types of camera depending on which is best suited for an assignment. Photographers must be well-versed in how to make use of filters tripods flash attachments and special lighting equipment. Those using silver-halide film often send it to be processed at laboratories although some maintain their own darkrooms where they can develop and print their own photographs. Most photographers specialize in certain areas such as portraits commercial photography scientific photography photography of newsworthy people or events or artistic photography. According to the website aspiring photographers who are seeking employment should have at least an associate's degree in photography fine arts or journalism as well as two years of photography experience. Those with no formal post secondary education are often considered for employment if they have four years of photography experience. In general however they must be thoroughly familiar with photographic techniques and equipment and they must be able to take still motion color and black and white photographs. Also they must understand the properties of various types of film and know which kind is suitable for a particular photo. An ability to use photography-related computer software is also essential. Photographers can work in studios advertising agencies for the news media or even for the government. Those working on a freelance basis usually maintain a website to attract business. The website says that the median annual earnings for photographers with salaries is approximately $36200. Those working freelance have more expenses so they tend to earn less than those with salaries.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $36090
High Salary: $56640
Low Salary: $15540
Tasks: Produces photographic images that tell a story.
Uses photographs to record events.
Selects the correct camera, angle and lighting before taking a picture.
Takes pictures of various subjects for various purposes.
Also Called: Commercial Photographer
Portrait Photographer
Industrial Photographer
News Photographer
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