Photogrammetrists are actually specialists within the cartography profession because like cartographers they are responsible for making maps. However photogrammetrists rely on photos for their work. Photogrammetrists are sometimes referred to as “geographical information systems (GIS) officers” or “remote sensing scientists”. According to the website they make use of geographic reports records and old maps as resources for developing new and more accurate maps. However they also use aerial cameras satellites and remote sensing technology that can determine extremely accurate measurements and elevations of specific geographic locations. In addition to elevation their maps take into account longitude and latitude of a specific location. They are also able to measure land-use and population density. Many of the maps they create are in digital format. They use digitalized information to produce images with computer-aided design which makes it possible to adjust and revise maps fairly easily when new data becomes available. Photogrammetrists are employed by federal government agencies and they also work for oil and gas companies and for architecture firms. Their work is useful not only for producing maps but also for geological surveying and engineering. Sometimes photogrammetrists start out as assistants to experienced photogrammetrists but most employers today prefer job applicants that have associate’s or bachelor’s degrees with courses in geography and related fields as well as experience with GIS and cartography. Photogrammetrists can become certified by the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics prospects for employment for this profession should increase at a higher than average rate. Photogrammetrists earn an average annual salary of approximately $59000.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $59000
High Salary: $69000
Low Salary: $49000
Tasks: Makes maps using photographs.
Ensures that maps are complete and accurate.
Revises and adjusts maps when new data is obtained.
Takes measurements using photogrammetric plotting instruments.
Also Called: Cartographer
Geographical Information Systems Officer
Remote Sensing Scientist
Map Maker
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