Photogrammetric Technologist

A photogrammetric technologist is a person who assists a photogrammetrist in making accurate and detailed maps of geographic locations. A photogrammetric technologist is often referred to as a “map maker” or a “cartographer”. These professionals work to create new maps or revise existing maps of locations such as the bottom of the ocean road maps and many other various types of topographical maps that are used for a wide range of purposes. The most common uses for the maps created by photogrammetric technologists are for marine air and vehicle navigation purposes but they are also used by industries that need accurate information for reasons such as mining construction or new industrial development. The need for photography geographic information systems (GIS) technology and other types of measuring equipment is necessary when trying to create accurate maps of areas that are difficult to traverse by foot. Some such examples include maps of the bottom of sea heavily forested areas and extremely mountainous regions. According to the science of photogrammetry has been around for hundreds of years but has advanced over time as technology has become more advanced and accessible. Because this professional field requires the need for analyzing data produced by highly technical systems a high aptitude in the field of mathematics is required. Additionally skills using computers and complicated photographic equipment are necessary as well as an ability to draw by hand or by using computer aided design (“CAD”) software. The minimum educational requirement for this career is an associate’s degree with courses in subject areas such as computer mapping computer science geography and higher level math. The website lists the annual salary for a photogrammetric technologist at $26688.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $26745
High Salary: $35000
Low Salary: $18490
Tasks: Uses aerial photographs to prepare maps.
Creates two-dimensional maps from three-dimensional data.
Obtains photographic images from computer graphics equipment to use as information for map-making purposes.
Oversees map-making projects.
Also Called: Mapping Technician
GIS Technician
Map Maker
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