Photo Editor

A photo editor is not necessarily a photographer. Instead of the responsibility of taking pictures a photo editor’s primary job is usually to visualize what a newspaper page magazine page or website page should look like and incorporate photos and text together in the best possible way to make it look visually appealing to viewers. A photo editor must be knowledgeable about the most current photo editing technologies because they are often responsible for converting photographs into various digital formats. Additionally photo editors must have creative abilities because they must envision what type of photo will go best with particular stories and be able to describe what is desired to the photographers who will take the pictures. The role of a photo editor can vary depending on the specific employer. According to photo editors who work for large national newspapers are generally responsible for picking which pictures will appear in the paper. Photo editors who work for online news sources however are usually in charge of both selecting photos to be used as well as converting them to the proper format and manipulating the digital photos so they fit correctly on the website. In some instances especially when employed by smaller sized companies photo editors serve as either photographers or page designers. The educational requirements for photo editors vary by employer but the minimum requirement is an associate’s degree. Many photo editors however have bachelor’s degrees in subject areas such as graphics design or journalism. The website states that the median annual salary for a photo editor is $60815 per year.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $60815
High Salary: $70815
Low Salary: $50815
Tasks: Oversees the photos that appear in magazines, newspapers, and online news sites.
Determines how photos will compliment text.
Researches and approves which photos will be used.
Converts photos into digitized formats.
Also Called: Managing Editor of Photography
Graphics Editor
Photo Director
Page Designer
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