Network Reporter

Network reporters are sometimes referred to as “correspondents” “broadcasters” “newscasters” “news reporters” or “news analysts”. Their job is to explain news events to listeners and viewers in a way that is easily understood. They are responsible for investigating the facts about news events by conducting research making careful observations and conducting interviews. In addition they are often required to use their journalism skills for the purpose of writing and editing news stories on interesting and timely topics. They must have excellent communication skills as well as the ability to connect with the public. Because they are often on camera they should have a professional and appealing appearance and it is important that they be viewed as both credible and likeable. They must be ready and willing to travel to sites where there is breaking news and they must know how to get the facts quickly by interviewing individuals connected with an event often putting together a story that is accurate factually but also has an original spin. Although there is no strict requirement aspiring network reporters usually need a bachelor’s degree in journalism broadcasting or communication. They also need to work for several years as interns before they become full-fledged network reporters. They must be able to work under pressure because there are usually strict deadlines. Positions as network reporters are highly competitive and they must know how to network to move up in the field. They often start out working in small towns until they get a break that enables them to move to urban areas that serve larger markets. According to the website salaries for network reporters vary widely depending on experience and size of the market in which they report. The average salary is approximately $35000 but it can range from $12000 to $150000.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $81000
High Salary: $150000
Low Salary: $12000
Tasks: Delivers news for television stations.
Covers a variety of news and feature stories.
Generates story ideas.
Completes assignments given by news directors.
Also Called: News Reporter
News Anchor
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