Investigative Reporter

Investigative reporters are journalistic professionals with a strong interest in the news and a desire to communicate newsworthy information and events in an impartial and objective manner. They work for both television and print publications such as newspapers and magazines. They spend time and effort checking to make sure that the details of a news story are truthful accurate and unbiased. To that end they track down documents and interview people who are involved with or potentially knowledgeable about the story. The stories they typically investigate and report on usually involve uncovering scandals or exposing information that was being kept under wraps. Investigative reporters must be persistent and willing to pursue a story even when obtaining the necessary information looks daunting. They must be excellent communicators and they must also be adept at using word processing software. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics investigative reporters need a bachelor’s degree in journalism or communication. Those in the print industry need writing courses whereas those in the broadcast industry need courses in production. Practical experience is very important so serving an internship or working on a college newspaper or with a college television station are both helpful with qualifications when trying to secure employment. Employment prospects are only fair and positions are competitive and usually awarded to individuals that have years of experience as general reporters. The website says that the earnings for investigative reporters depend on experience level and specific employer. The average annual salary is approximately $35000 but higher-paid jobs can pay close to $80000.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $57500
High Salary: $80000
Low Salary: $35000
Tasks: Writes in-depth stories to uncover hidden truths.
Researches significant information.
Exposes problems or controversial issues.
Generates story ideas.
Also Called: News Reporter
Enterprise Reporter
Undercover Reporter
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