An author who wants to include their opinion or point of view in their writing is normally called an essayist. In journalistic terms they may be called a “columnist.” While news articles are typically fact-oriented an essayist writes pieces that are more like short stories. The skill level of an essayist depends on their ability to stay on topic organize their thoughts on paper and “discuss” their points of view in a coherent and absorbing manner. While most people who have attended any sort of formal schooling have written essays for school assignments professional essayists write prose that is compelling enough for magazines or newspapers to hire them as full-time writers or part-time contributors. The goal of an essayist is to achieve a following of people who are willing to pay to read their work and who want to read more on a regular basis. As states an essayist writes in a “clear illuminating and informative” manner. Many essayists write on political or religious topics but others focus on other themes such as how to accomplish something or to explain how or why things occur. Typically the topic of the essay is not as important as the author’s attempt and success at captivating the audience with interesting written words. Some essayists have made careers by writing and selling essays to high school and college students who do not want to write their own assigned papers. This particular career focus is highly controversial due to the fact that it is promoting students to be dishonest. There is no particular educational requirement for an essayist but most have advanced knowledge of the language in which they write as well as high-level grammatical skills. What is more important than formal education is an inherent knack for writing. Additionally the salary range for an essayist can vary greatly. The website lists the average yearly salary for a writer as $59000.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $59000
High Salary: $69000
Low Salary: $49000
Tasks: Writes opinion articles on specific topics.
States point of view in prose format.
Develops compelling written documents.
Authors pieces that are similar to short stories.
Also Called: Author
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