According to the website www.writershelper.com editors basically serve as the link between authors and readers. Typically they read what an author writes or in some cases they read what will eventually be a speech and then they condense the piece if necessary correct it for any errors in grammar or factual information and in some cases re-organize it to improve the flow. The website www.buzzle.com says that most editors have bachelor’s degrees with majors in English or journalism. They must have excellent grasp of the English language including all the rules of grammar and they must have a good store of knowledge especially in the subject on which they are working. Nowadays editors need up-to-date computer skills. Because some editors work on pieces that will appear on the Internet skills and experience with HTML editing software can be helpful. Editors must be willing to give credit to the author that writes a piece and they should not expect to take public credit even for their own work. Editors usually work under pressure to meet deadlines and they are responsible for any errors or inaccuracies in the final product. Book and magazine editors usually oversee not only the contents of the written piece but also its layout and the placement and appearance of any artwork. In some cases editors negotiate with freelance writers for contributions of articles to a publication. Many editors work for newspapers magazines or publishing companies but some work on a freelance basis. The salaries editors earn depend on location size of a company for which they work and their level of experience. Editors-in-chief for large publishing firms earn more than do freelance editors. A list of salaries provided by the website www.poewar.com indicates that annual income varies from a low of approximately $20000 to a high of approximately $95000.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $57500
High Salary: $95000
Low Salary: $20000
Tasks: Condenses what an author has written.
Corrects grammar and factual mistakes.
Organizes words so they read properly.
Adheres to strict deadlines.
Also Called: Proofreader
Copy Editor
Additional Resources: http://www.buzzle.com/articles/editor-job-description.html