Desktop Publisher

In order for a magazine a newspaper or an electronic information source to be published someone must take the written articles or "text" the photographs the graphics the advertisements and the headlines and combine them into an aesthetically pleasing format ready to be printed on paper or published in an electronic format.

These tasks are the responsibility of a desktop publisher. Besides magazines newspapers and information published on the Internet desktop publishers also work on the layout and design of brochures books business cards and more. A desktop publisher must have excellent computer skills and be an expert at using and manipulating desktop publishing software be very detail oriented and have an artistic ability.

Not only is a desktop publisher responsible for taking text graphics and photographs and formatting them to fit in a specific space but they must also have the ability to write new text edit existing text design new graphics to match the written text and edit photographs using photo editing software.

Additionally a desktop publisher is often the last person to see a document or publication before it goes to paper press or is published electronically so the need to effectively proofread and fix typos and grammatical errors is essential.

The education required for this career according to is a high school diploma and on-the-job training. However two-year programs are available at vocational and technical schools across the country.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Specialized Training
Avg Salary: $36470
High Salary: $46470
Low Salary: $26470
Tasks: Designs graphics that accompany text.
Lays out and designs pages.
Translates text into an electronic format.
Edits text, graphics and photos to fit in a certain space.
Also Called: Publication Specialist
Electronic Publisher
Desktop Publishing Editor
Electronic Publishing Specialist
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