Copywriters have an expert command of the English language love to write and can come up with creative and persuasive verbal scripts (often called "copy") that advertise and market products and services to customers.

Copywriters sometimes called "advertising copywriters" or "business writers" are individuals who write the text for advertisements in magazines newspapers catalogues direct mail and brochures. In some cases their words accompany advertising visuals.

Some write for commercials on radio and television which can sometimes take the form of slogans jingles or lyrics intended to promote a product or service. In addition they play an important role in the content of advertising on internet sites and web copy is the fastest growing area of opportunity.

Copywriters working in corporate environments usually interact with other copywriters graphic designers and managers to develop ideas that mesh with the company's interests. They must be flexible because it is often necessary to revise copy until it satisfies the people in charge. Also they must be able to produce copy under pressure and to meet deadlines.

Some copywriters are generalists but others concentrate on one industry such as business to consumer business to business fund raising travel greeting cards or health care.

The website states that copywriters are expected to have a college degree with a solid background in subjects such as literature writing advertising marketing journalism and communications. They must also comfortable using and keeping up to date with computers.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics copywriters can a median annual salary of approximately $54500. However those working in advertising agencies tend to earn more than those employed by publishers or industrial firms.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $54500
High Salary: $64500
Low Salary: $44500
Tasks: Writes clearly.
Meets strict deadlines.
Works in the advertising, marketing and journalism industries.
Has an expert command of the language in which they are writing.
Also Called: Advertising Copywriter
Business Writer
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