Cable Television Tech

Individuals who earn a high school diploma and have an aptitude for math and an interest in installing or repairing electronic equipment can have a successful career as a cable-television technician. Some cable-television technicians attend trade or vocational schools but many are trained on the job by the companies that hire them.

Cable-television technicians usually start out as installers who prepare a subscribers home for cable reception and connect the cable system to television sets or computers for internet service. They must be able to give customers clear instructions on how to use the cable system as well as how to go about upgrading or downgrading their service.

Installers also troubleshoot when customers report minor problems with their cable service. At a more advanced level trunk technicians maintain the main lines of the cable system and they fix technical failures when problems occur in large areas. Rather than working in the field some technicians do their jobs at the companys repair facility where they fix malfunctioning equipment that will be eventually be installed in the field.

At an even higher level of skill are chief cable technicians who interview and supervise employees and set the standards for maintaining quality service to customers. Chief technicians need at least two years of electronics training as well as considerable experience in the field.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics cable technicians earn a median salary of $17.36 per hour but chief cable technicians earn more. Typically benefits include paid holidays vacations health insurance and retirement plans. Cable technicians can also receive extra pay for overtime.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Specialized Training
Avg Salary: $36108
High Salary: $46108
Low Salary: $26108
Tasks: Gives customers clear instructions on how to use their cable systems.
Knowledgeable about upgrades and downgrades to systems.
Troubleshoot customers problems.
Fixes technical failures.
Also Called: Cable Technician
Trunk Technician
Chief Cable Technician
Cable Worker
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