Cable Splicer

A cable splicer works with cables that are used for telephone communication systems telegraph systems the transmission of television and internet signals and for the transmission of electricity. Some of the specific tasks that a splicer may complete are joining or combining together cable wires for the purpose of fixing adding or elongating existing wires.

Cable wires can be located above ground underground our under water. In some cases they must cut into installed cable to locate defective cable connections and perform tests to determine where the problem is located. Individuals in this line of work must be in good physical condition because for overhead work they may need to climb utility poles or towers or use truck-mounted lift buckets.

For underground work they may have to climb down into sewers or underground storage areas that hold cables in place. To splice underwater cable they often work on boats and dive into deep water. The work is physically demanding but the pay is commensurate with the strenuous labor required and is higher than the pay of most jobs that dont require education beyond a high school diploma.

Cable splicers must be good at working on teams they cannot be afraid of heights or enclosed spaces and they must have normal color vision to see color coded cables. The number of jobs in this career is not expected to increase but there should be a large number of cable splicers retiring in the near future and they will have to be replaced. Most cable splicers learn on the job but some attend community colleges that offer certificates in splicing skills.

The annual pay can range from approximately $26000 to $68000 with the median at $55000. Cable splicers can join unions such as the Communications Workers of America so they stand to benefit from collective bargaining that determines wages benefits and opportunities for advancement.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Specialized Training
Avg Salary: $47000
High Salary: $68000
Low Salary: $26000
Tasks: Works with cables that are used for communication and energy systems.
Joins or fixes cable wires.
Locates defective cables.
Cuts into existing cable to add additional cable.
Also Called: Cable Joiner
Cable Technician
Wire Technician
Cable Repair Technician
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