Grant Writer

Grant writers seek out sources of financial backing for various organizations and institutions. They must be knowledgeable about potential opportunities for obtaining funds as well as proper procedures to follow when they write grants requesting funds for programs or research projects from federal state or private sources. They must have a sufficient background to know which sources are potentially a good fit for the organizations that are requesting funds. The website says that grant writing is an inexact science but most have a college degree in a subject such as English communication or public administration. Many grant writers specialize in a particular field such as education or health. In all cases they need excellent writing skills and must be capable of writing a persuasive document. Grant writers with a high rate of success in obtaining funds may give workshops on the ins and outs of grant writing to those new to the field. Earnings for grant writers vary considerably. Some grant writers work part-time or full-time for an organization. Others work on a freelance basis and are paid by the hour or paid according the amount of money they obtain for an organization through their research and writing efforts. The website says that the hourly rate for a new grant writer who is working as an independent contractor approximately $52000 per year but the exact amount can vary greatly depending on whether the grant writer works part-time or full-time works on an hourly or salary basis or works with a commission agreement.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $52000
High Salary: $62000
Low Salary: $42000
Tasks: Writes grant proposals.
Completes grant applications.
Understands the grant application process.
Assembles pertinent information into grant applications.
Also Called: Grant Proposal Writer
Grant Writing Consultant
Grant Researcher
Grant Coordinator
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