Grant Manager

Grant managers who also known as “grant coordinators” and “grant management specialists” often assist in the writing of grant proposals or applications which request money from federal state or private agencies. However their main job is to oversee and supervise the programs or projects that have been awarded funding from grants. Grant managers work for institutions such as universities as well as for non-profit and charitable organizations. They are responsible for making sure all work conducted with grant funds follows the specified protocol and adheres to the appropriate ethical standards. In addition they work with the program staff to determine how the grant budget should be allocated and they are usually in charge of writing progress reports to the granting agencies. Grant managers have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree often in English communications marketing public administration or in a field related to the grant they will be managing. However employers often give preference to individuals with master’s degrees. There is pressure in the job to make sure the project is properly executed so that future grant proposals will be evaluated favorably. Grant managers usually work a standard 40 hour week but they may have to work extra hours if there is a grant application deadline or grant report deadline. Grant managers must maintain or secure funding because many institutions or agencies are dependent on it for their programs. The website says that salaries for grant managers depend on the agency for which they work but also on their years of experience. Therefore the salary can range between $34200 and $76000 per year.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $55100
High Salary: $76000
Low Salary: $34200
Tasks: Prepares documents for grant applications.
Knows the methods and procedures for grant applications.
Identifies potential grants.
Helps manage grants once they have been awarded.
Also Called: Grant Coordinator
Grant Administrator
Grant Management Specialist
Grant Writer
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