Cartoonists have a sharp sense of humor and enjoy using drawings to express their ideas. Cartoonists work in a number of different areas including editorials sports or advertising. A modest number have their own cartoon series and some work for greeting card companies.

Much of cartoonists' time is spent thinking up ideas for cartoons which they then draw either on paper or using a computer. There is no strict requirement that cartoonists have a college degree although some gain experience by working on school newspapers or yearbooks. Art courses are usually beneficial in helping aspiring cartoonists hone their skills.

The website says that many art schools offer courses in illustration graphic design and cartoon drawing all of which could be helpful for a cartoonist career. Also courses in subjects such as history government political science business and literature are beneficial in helping cartoonists develop a broader range of ideas that they can use when thinking of ideas for cartoons especially when cartoons are of an editorial nature.

Some aspiring cartoonists spend time working alongside an already established cartoonist to learn more about the techniques involved. According to the website even though there has been a sharp decline in print media outlets for cartoonists they can still find employment in advertising and with online political websites. Even so the field is competitive.

Many aspiring cartoonist experience rejection many times before they eventually succeed so those with creative talent must be persistent in sending their work out to newspapers comics and other sources.

According to the annual earnings for a cartoonist generally range from $31937 to $65500.

Education Required: High School Diploma and Specialized Training
Avg Salary: $48718.5
High Salary: $65500
Low Salary: $31937
Tasks: Draws cartoons for publications.
Sketches rough drafts in pencil.
Creates a final cartoon version in ink.
Markets their work to newspapers, magazines, and other venues.
Also Called: Cartoon Animator
Political Cartoonist
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