An auctioneer has a few specific goals. One such goal is to sell a variety of items at a public or private sale and another is to get the highest possible price for the items auctioned.

While some auctioneers are responsible for selling a plethora of different types items at a sale, most specialize or focus on one theme such as items related to the farming industry such as livestock or equipment office or industrial machinery furniture or equipment or real estate such as residential or commercial property. While most auctioneers are self-employed many work for the government or large banks and help with the sale of items or property in cases of bankruptcies or foreclosures.  Have you considered an online degree?

Most auctioneers have a minimum of a high school diploma, but there are schools that offer training or certificates in this field. Attending an auction school with a good reputation is a good idea in order help develop appraisal skills since its often the auctioneers responsibility to know the true value of the items they are attempting to sell to the highest bidder.

Auctioneers who work for a company or the government are normally paid a salary but auctioneers who are self-employed usually work on a commission basis. Therefore the more money that can be obtained for an item the more money that can be earned.

According to the average salary for an auctioneer is approximately $56000 per year.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Specialized Training
Avg Salary: $55594
High Salary: $73546
Low Salary: $37642
Tasks: Auctions items at public or private sales for the highest possible price.
Tries to sell a variety of items ranging from livestock to residential property.
Appraises items for their true value prior to an auction.
Works to achieve the highest bid on items, and sell to buyers who have the money to pay for auctioned items.
Also Called: Appraiser
Gallery Salesperson
Wholesale Auctioneer
Retail Trader
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