Radio announcers need to have pleasing voices excellent diction and pronunciation good grammar and knowledge of the topics they are talking about on the air. Television announcers should have an attractive appearance in addition to those skills.Radio and television announcers perform different duties depending upon the type of job they are doing.

Radio announcers who broadcast music often are called disc jockeys or DJs. They usually announce the title of the song and artist before or after they play music as well as offering some commentary about the music. They also talk on air to people who call in to their shows. Radio announcers who host talk shows are called show hosts and usually specialize in a specific interest such as politics finance or sports. They prepare the shows content interview guests and talk to callers over the air.  Why not consider a career in Broadcasting?

Television announcers work in many different areas such as voicing station program information introducing and closing television programs anchoring news programs and hosting talk shows. They need to be able to ad lib all or part of a show and to work under tight deadlines. After formal training in broadcasting from college or a technical school people wanting to become announcers are often required to complete long-term on-the-job training usually as interns.Many announcers start off at small community radio or television stations and move to larger stations in more populated cities once they gain enough experience.

The average yearly salary for announcers is about $41600 although experienced announcers at major television networks can earn many times that amount. Because of the nature of the job many announcers work only part-time.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $46205
High Salary: $76340
Low Salary: $16070
Tasks: Identifies television or radio stations.
Delivers news, sports, and/or weather reports on television or radio.
Provides commentary.
Interviews people.
Also Called: Radio Announcer
Television Announcer
News Anchor
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