Tree Service Tech

Tree service technicians care for trees that grow in parks and on corporate and residential property. They must be familiar with the characteristics various trees and shrubs to determine their specific needs. The website says that tree serve technicians trim overgrown or dead branches from trees and shrubs which may block sidewalks roadways or utility lines. Such trimming as well as pruning also maintains the health of the trees allowing them to be exposed to sunlight. To do their work they use clippers shears pruning hooks and handsaws. For larger trees they use automatic lifts power pruners and chainsaws. In some cases they must climb trees in order to reach the areas that need service. When trees develop cavities tree service technicians scrape them out and fill in the holes with tar or other material to prevent further deterioration. They must be able to detect diseases so action can be taken to treat them. They may spray trees to prevent further disease. Tree service technicians should enjoy working outside in all kinds of weather. Also they must be well-coordinated and physically fit because much of their job involves climbing working in high places and lifting heavy limbs. Tree service technicians need a high school diploma or the equivalent. Some employers require applicants for this job to pass a drug test. Once hired they usually they serve in an apprenticeship program that can last up to two years where they obtain both formal and practical training. In addition to understanding how to care for trees to maintain their optimal health they must be familiar with safety hazards such as high voltage electrical lines which they are likely to encounter in their work. According to the website tree service technicians earn annual salaries ranging from approximately $23000 to $41000.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Apprenticeship
Avg Salary: $32023.5
High Salary: $40984
Low Salary: $23063
Tasks: Cuts dead or overgrown tree branches.
Cleans and maintains tree trimming equipment.
Hauls away trimmed branches.
Assesses trees for damage or diseases.
Also Called: Tree Trimmer
Tree Care Technician
Tree Pruner
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