Security Consultant

Security consultants have expert knowledge about technology that can be used to protect information property and human life. Typically security consultants meet with clients to determine what type of security needs they have. Clients who are concerned with guarding against unauthorized breach of the information maintained on their computer systems will need the advice of security consultants who have special expertise in information technology (IT) and can advise them on ways of encrypting this data. According to the website IT security consultants usually have at least a bachelor’s degree but some have a master’s degree in computer science or information systems. However some clients are more concerned with safeguarding goods property or people than technology systems. In these situations they need security consultants whose knowledge extends to security systems that can be installed in offices homes or motor vehicles. These security consultants usually have a bachelor’s degree although some have an associate’s degree plus several years of experience. They are up-to-date on the latest devices that can be installed to protect public and private places against vandalism theft fire illegal entry and acts of violence. Security consultants are employed by government organizations commercial enterprises and private individuals and some specialize in security systems for nuclear power plants museums banks private homes or cars. Some security consultants work full-time for an organization but others work freelance on a per-project basis. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that in the coming years employment opportunities for security consultants will be plentiful. Salaries for security consultants depend on their level of education experience and particular area of expertise. The website reports that the average annual salary for security consults is $88000.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $88000
High Salary: $98000
Low Salary: $78000
Tasks: Works to protect people, property, and information technology systems.
Develops a comprehensive security program.
Recommends safeguarding procedures.
Uses weapons and physical force to protect clients and their property.
Also Called: Security Guard
Armed Guard
Security Officer
Safety Consultant
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