Security Alarms Installer

Individuals and business owners often have a great deal of concern about protecting their homes and buildings from unwanted intruders and burglars. Both homes and businesses have been dealing with this concern by installing security systems that will deter any unwanted incidents from occurring. Also many insurance companies will lower their rates when customers install security alarms. Thus security companies are in need of workers so that they can fulfill customers’ requests in a timely manner. Most employers place a heavy value on security alarm installers’ being capable of working independently as well as being trustworthy. According to the website there is no specific formal requirement for becoming a security alarms installer but individuals that aspire to this type of employment need to have a good grasp of electronics electrical circuits and mechanics although some aptitude for mathematics and physics is helpful. Security alarms installers are often trained by the companies for which they work but they must be capable of reading and interpreting diagrams. In addition to installing equipment they must test it to make sure it is connected properly to a control panel that will not only set off an alarm but in many cases will alert someone at a central location to send out a police officer to investigate. Security alarms installers must be able to clearly explain to customers how to use their system properly. Security alarms installers may be required to climb to high places or to work in confined spaces when doing their jobs. The website says that security alarms installers paid on an hourly basis earn between approximately $13 and $19.65 although hourly overtime pay ranges between approximately $19 and $29.50. Those with salaries earn between approximately $29600 and $47300 annually.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Specialized Training
Avg Salary: $38450
High Salary: $47300
Low Salary: $29600
Tasks: Installs security systems.
Tests alarm systems to ensure they are working properly.
Teaches customers how to use their alarm systems.
Fixes alarm systems that are not functioning properly.
Also Called: Fire Alarm Installer
Burglar Alarm Installer
Protective Alarm Installer
Alarm Installer
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