Printing Press Operator

Printing press operators perform routine maintenance on printing press equipment. They also get the equipment ready for a printing job they load the equipment with paper and ink and they watch the equipment run to make sure it is functioning properly. To prepare for a career as a printing press operator individuals used to serve in apprenticeships for as long as four or five years to learn the trade. Nowadays most aspiring printing press operators attend trade schools two-year community college programs or even universities that teach courses such as physics electronics and chemistry all of which are helpful for a printing press operator career. Post-secondary programs usually offer practical classes as well so students can develop the technical skills required to operate a printing press. Printing press operators continue to develop their skills after they are employed. Printing press operators work for newspaper companies book and directory publishers ad agencies paper manufacturers colleges and universities. They may work on teams so communication is important because errors can be costly. Some jobs have tight deadlines so they often work under pressure. Because more cost-effective technology is becoming available the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a slight decline in employment opportunities for this profession. Printing press operators with advanced technological training and familiarity with computerized equipment will be the most marketable and the largest number of opportunities will be in cities such as New York Boston Chicago and Los Angeles. According to the website earnings for printing press operators depend on their experience and level of responsibility the type and geographical location of the industry and whether or not they belong to a union. The median annual salary is approximately $31000.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Apprenticeship
Avg Salary: $31000
High Salary: $41000
Low Salary: $21000
Tasks: Operates a printing press.
Installs and adjusts printing plates.
Loads and feeds paper.
Ensures quality products are produced.
Also Called: Printing Machine Operator
Offset Press Operator
Printing Press Technician
Press Operator
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