Machine Fitter

A machine fitter is often called a “maintenance fitter” or a “machinist.” This profession involves the use of welding equipment to create assemble and build various types of machinery. The types of machinery that are serviced by a machine fitter include those that are operated by hand and those that are operated by an automated system. According to the main job duties of a machine fitter include reading and interpreting blueprints so that assembly of machine parts can be achieved fitting parts together to build the machine using equipment and tools to move heavy pieces into place installing both minor and major pieces of the machinery and inspecting all pieces and parts of the machinery to ensure that the completed machine is in top working order. A machine fitter not only works to assemble new machinery but they also work to replace broken or worn pieces of existing machinery that have become old or unusable. Because some pieces of machinery are specific or unique and are not mass produced a machine fitter must sometimes create new machine pieces from scratch using welding equipment and other tools. Machine fitters typically work during normal business hours but they also often work on-call during night and weekend hours. They are sometimes called into work during odd hours because machinery that operates 24 hours a day seven days a week often breaks or malfunctions outside of regular business hours and the machinery must be fixed immediately due to production and safety issues. Typically machine fitters have high school diplomas as well as training at a technical college. Some machine fitters learn their trade through on-the-job training and apprenticeship programs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the median salary for a machine fitter between $28350 and $65312 per year. The exact salary depends mostly on the number of years experience the industry and the employer.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Specialized Training
Avg Salary: $46831
High Salary: $65312
Low Salary: $28350
Tasks: Builds heavy industrial machinery.
Determines assembly instructions based on blueprints.
Fits prefabricated metal parts.
Installs major and minor machinery components.
Also Called: Maintenance Fitter
Machinery Builder
Machine Assembler
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