Lawn Care specialist

Lawn care specialists are often self-employed or work for a lawn care company. They are trained to work with lawns that are filled with weeds riddled with brown spots or not cut properly. They provide recommendations on how to cure these problems. They are often hired by individual homeowners who do not have the time or desire to maintain their own lawns or businesses that must keep grass around their buildings looking good. The website lists some of the duties and responsibilities of a lawn care specialists as selecting the correct type of grass seed and food for specific lawns removing weeds either by hand or by the application of chemicals applying fertilizer watering and cutting grass to the correct height. They may also trim the edges of lawns to ensure a straight and clean overall look. There is no specific educational training for a lawn care technician and most skills are learned on the job. According to the median salary for a lawn care specialist is $25881 per year. The job comes with certain benefits not necessarily available with many other jobs such as the ability to work outdoors. However because so much of their job is completed outdoors lawn care specialists must be in good physical condition and be able to withstand extreme heat during the summer. Because many climates do not require lawn care for many months out of the year lawn care specialists often find other jobs during cold months such as snow plowing or working as general groundskeepers. Some of the most likely employers of lawn care specialists are local governmental agencies which oversee the maintenance at parks museums and roadsides individual homeowners and landscaping companies.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $25881
High Salary: $30881
Low Salary: $20881
Tasks: Maintains the health of customers
Applies fertilizer to grass.
Ensures that lawns are as weed-free as possible.
Recommends watering schedules specific to each lawn.
Also Called: Gardener
Landscape Specialist
Lawn Maintenance Worker
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