Job Analyst

In most medium to large sized organizations there is a need to document the specific job duties of everyone who is employed by the company. A chart indicating which specific employees are responsible for particular job duties is necessary to ensure that all necessary work is being completed. Additionally companies use such information to determine if they need to hire additional employees or lay-off employees if their jobs are being duplicated. A job analyst works to provide detailed information on every employee’s and also to state the importance of each job. According to it is often difficult for job analysts to remember that their duty is to provide information on “job descriptions” not on “the people currently holding the jobs.” When a job is documented and defined on paper it becomes easier for managers company owners and members of the human resources department to evaluate the employees who hold specific positions determine their appropriate compensation and decide if they need additional training. In order to define a job an analyst will gather information about the job such as the specific duties and tasks required to complete the job the type of environment in which the job must be completed what types of tools equipment machinery or computers must be utilized in order to complete the job and what specific educational or experience requirements are necessary for the job. Once the answers to these questions are obtained an accurate job description can be documented. In order to work as a job analyst it is necessary to have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree but many have a master’s degree in a subject area such as human resources industrial psychology or a business administration. According to the salary range for a job analyst is $61618 to $78243 per year.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $69930.5
High Salary: $78243
Low Salary: $61618
Tasks: Determines job duties.
Uses analysis to determine appropriate compensation.
Helps create job descriptions.
Conducts performance reviews based on job descriptions.
Also Called: Career Analyst
HR Generalist
Occupation Analyst
Employment Analyst
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