For people who like to cut paste assemble and sew as well as work with machines and tools a career as a bookbinder might be just the ticket. Bookbinders turn the printed sheets that come off printing presses into books magazines brochures catalogs and catalogues.

Bindery work can involve cutting perforating folding and collating sheets and in some cases sewing or pasting together folded sets of pages as well as stamping book covers with foil. Most skilled binders do not handle all these tasks but they must be familiar with them so that they can supervise others.

Modern bookbinders must be adept at operating a wide array of machines although there is still work for skilled artisans who can repair books bind special editions design leather covers and so on. Bookbinders can specialize in soft cover and pamphlet binders or the more complex process of binding durable hardcover books meant for wide use.

Bookbinders should have a high school diploma or its equivalent. High school students who may be interested in this career should try to work during the summer in a local bindery to get a good feel for the profession. In general a skilled bookbinder requires four to five years of training as an apprentice although there are some two-year apprenticeships.

The website reports that the median salary for bookbinders is $13.71 per hour but employment opportunities are not numerous.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Apprenticeship
Avg Salary: $28516
High Salary: $38516
Low Salary: $18516
Tasks: Turns printed paper into books, magazines, and brochures.
Operates a wide variety of bookbinding machines.
Repairs broken books.
Cuts, pastes, assembles, and sews bindings for books.
Also Called: Bookmaker
Bindery Technician
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