Microbiology Technologist

Microbiology technologists work with microbiologists and scientists in a laboratory setting to study microscopic organisms. They investigate and conduct research on food water and human bodily fluids to determine how bacteria grow and how effective antibiotics are against harmful microscopic organisms. Before compiling and providing research reports it’s important for microbiology technologists to first understand the specific characteristics of the microorganisms they are studying. They accomplish their research through the use of microscopes chemical testing and observation. Most of their work is conducted in a laboratory but they may also use an office and computer to compile research results. The purpose of the research that microbiology technologists complete is to help scientists develop new uses for microorganisms. Uses include new medications that can be used to fight diseases to advance vitamins that can help enhance the health of the world’s population and to assist health professionals in learning new ways to control epidemics. According to www.myplan.com microbiology technologist who are often called “bacteriologists” or “medical laboratory technologists” are also responsible for making cultures of bacteria checking samples of food and water for harmful contamination and helping to maintain the equipment in the laboratory. In order to qualify as a microbiology technologist a minimum of an associate’s degree mush be earned with an emphasis in microbiology courses. However many microbiology technologists have a bachelor’s degree with a major in biology or another life science discipline. The website ww1.salary.com lists the median salary for a microbiology technologist as $55904 per year.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $55904
High Salary: $60904
Low Salary: $50904
Tasks: Classifies and identifies microorganisms.
Conducts laboratory tests.
Researches the use of bacteria and microorganisms to develop antibiotics.
Creates cultures of bacteria in a laboratory setting.
Also Called: Microbiological Laboratory Technician
Medical Laboratory Technician
Microbiological Analyst
Medical Technologist
Additional Resources: http://www.ehow.com/about_6710921_microbiology-technician-job-description.html