Marine Biologist

Marine biologists sometimes called “aquatic biologists” or “aquatic scientists” study organisms that inhabit oceans and other bodies of water. According to the website they conduct research on how various life forms that in the sea interact with both land and the ocean floor. They study the interactions between marine animal life and marine plant life and how factors such as ocean currents affect all forms of marine life. In some cases they rescue and rehabilitate animals and seek to preserve an environmentally sound marine environment so that marine life can thrive. Marine biologists conduct some of their work on site making detailed observations. They also work in laboratories and offices analyzing the data they have collected writing reports preparing and presenting research papers and seeking funding for their work. Some are involved in educational programs that raise people’s awareness about the problems of marine life. Aspiring marine biologists must have a good academic record with a solid background in science including courses in marine biology. For entry-level jobs they need a bachelor’s degree with coursework in marine biology. However a master’s degree broadens career opportunities. Marine biologists hold jobs with government authorities colleges and universities and companies and institutes in charge of assessing and preserving the environment. Marine biology is a competitive field because there is a limited amount of funding for conducting the necessary research. Earnings depend on employer and years of experience. According to the website the average annual salary for marine biologists is approximately $50000. However those with over 10 years in the field can earn up to $80000 a year plus benefits.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $65000
High Salary: $80000
Low Salary: $50000
Tasks: Researches sea life.
Rescues and rehabilitates injured or sick sea animals.
Studies sea life in a laboratory setting.
Educates others about problems faced by animals that live under water.
Also Called: Aquatic Biologist
Fish and Wildlife Biologist
Marine Scientist
Aquatics Scientist
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