Biophysicists are scientists that primarily study how all living things behave and work using a combination of biology chemistry and physics. These scientists want to discover the secrets of why organisms function the way they do and exactly how diseases such as AIDS and cancer survive even after they are treated with drugs and radiation. Some other general examples of what biophysicists study include how the heart pumps blood how human and animal brains work and how genes function – and the possibility of altering them.

The Human Genome project is one of the most widely known endeavors currently being undertaken by biophysicists today. It is a controversial project and commonly in the news because it involves stem cell research. However biophysicists are determined to unlock the mystery of genetics so that it can be used to help fight diseases and genetic disorders.

Most biophysicists have doctoral degrees but some have medical degrees. In order to succeed in this professional field it is important to have a sincere interest in conducting research using very high tech equipment that is sensitive enough to help humans investigate the structure of cells.

According to biophysicists earn an average of $58000 per year but salaries can go much higher depending on experience and the prestige of the college or university laboratory or company with which the biophysicist may be affiliated.

Education Required: Doctoral Degree
Avg Salary: $61769
High Salary: $75434
Low Salary: $48104
Tasks: Studies all living things.
Works on the Human Genome Project.
Attempts to discover why cells behave certain ways.
Tries to discover cures for genetic disorders.
Also Called: Scientist
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