An anatomist is a life scientist who specializes in the study of the physical structure of living things. Anatomists may focus their studies and research on human anatomy animal anatomy or plant anatomy. Furthermore they may work on gross anatomy which is the study of physical structure that are easily seen with the human eye such as bones muscle and organs or they may study microscopic anatomy where they use microscopes to study samples of anatomy at increased magnifications.

Anatomists are mostly employed by colleges universities and medical schools where their job responsibilities consist of teaching and research. Some anatomists devote their research to specific systems such as the skeletal system while others are interested in the entire organism. One type of anatomist a zootomist studies the anatomy of animals. Another type of anatomist a phytotomist is concerned with plant anatomy. Anatomists may begin their career with a bachelors degree in anatomy.

Those who choose to work at universities or medical schools will need masters or even doctoral degrees. Depending upon their experience and the type of work they do an anatomists salary can range between $26000 to over $95000 per year.  If you are interested in a career in anatomy then start your search here.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $61995
High Salary: $97700
Low Salary: $26290
Tasks: Researches and studies the physical structure of an organism.
Presents research findings to a variety of audiences.
Works as teachers in high schools, universities, or medical schools.
Researches specific systems or the whole organism.
Also Called: Anatomy Scientist
Anatomy Professor
Life Scientist
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