Engineer – Aerospace

Aerospace engineers design test and oversee the manufacturing of aircraft spacecraft and missiles. Throughout the manufacturing process they do quality control testing to make sure the equipment meets specifications. Because this work is highly technical most aerospace engineers specialize and become expert in one specific type of product such as commercial aircraft military fighter jets helicopters spacecraft or missiles and rockets. Aerospace engineers must be able to communicate and be team players because they often work with other professional specialists such as metallurgists to determine what materials will be used for a project. Individuals who aspire to this career must work long hours and meet deadlines but at the same time they must have patience and pay close attention to details. Aerospace engineers work for the government or for government contractors or private companies and sometimes they must move to new locations for job opportunities. The website says that the educational qualifications for this career are a bachelor’s degree in engineering from an accredited college or university although some earn degrees in mathematics or natural science. However those with advanced degrees in aerospace engineering will have more job opportunities. All aerospace engineers must continue keep up with new materials and technologies even after they complete their formal education. According to the website the employment outlook for this career is favorable and expected to increase over the coming decade. Earnings vary depending on employer education and specialty but the median annual salary for aerospace engineers is approximately $88000.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $92080
High Salary: $124550
Low Salary: $59610
Tasks: Designs airplanes and other types of aircraft.
Supervises the manufacturing of aircraft.
Oversees the development of military airplanes and missiles
Designs aircraft engines.
Also Called: Astronautical engineer
Aircraft Engineer
Missile Engineer
Military Engineer
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