Auto Mechanic

As long as there are cars on the road there will be a need for automobile mechanics. Auto mechanics who are sometimes called Automobile Technicians have the main tasks of looking at the engines of cars trucks and other automobiles and performing maintenance on them as well as fixing problems associated with them.

For safety reasons its essential that the engines inside of automobiles are in top condition which is why automobile mechanics must be skilled at spotting current and potential problems. Mechanics must also have the knowledge and skill to perform routine maintenance as well as fix complex problems.

Many of todays newer automobiles come equipped with high-tech computer systems so automobile mechanics must be able to analyze sophisticated information that is recorded in the computer. A true interest in automobiles and how they run is essential for this profession along with proper training.

Many high schools throughout the United States offer automobile mechanic training programs but its often necessary to obtain additional training at a vocational school technical school or community college. Some of the necessary skills for an automobile mechanic to have are good analytical skills and excellent reading mathematical and communication skills. The ability to read manuals and understand technical instructions is very important in this profession.

The typical annual salary for an automobile mechanic position is around $40000 per year depending on the mechanics years of experience.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Specialized Training
Avg Salary: $41350
High Salary: $46700
Low Salary: $36000
Tasks: Looks at engines of automobiles and identifies problems that need to be fixed.
Performs routine maintenance on the engines of vehicles.
Knows how to analyze diagnostic information from automobile's computers.
Has a true interest in how engines work, and a strong desire to fix them when they are broken.
Also Called: Car Mechanic
Automobile Technician
Automobile Repairman
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