Stained Glass Artist

The art of constructing stained glass windows has been around for hundreds of years. Ancient stained glass pieces can be found in museums and as windows in old churches and other old buildings. It is rare to find an ancient stained glass work of art that is completely intact because of the extremely delicate nature of stained glass. The website describes stained glass as little pieces of glass that have been stained to different colors that are put together using lead strips to create a picture design or colorful combination. The end result is often used as a window a lamp shade or a piece of art that is hung where light can shine through it. Stained glass is a form of art that can range from very simple to extremely ornate. Oftentimes pieces of stained glass are mass-produced and can be purchased in a dime store for a few dollars. Usually more complex and artistic pieces of stained glass are made by hand by stained glass artists who have trained for years to perfect their skills and techniques. Stained glass artists are usually considered to be “artisans.” They sometimes create multiple copies of the same design but they often vary their designs so that every work they create is distinctly unique. As the website states a stained glass artist is sometimes commissioned by a client to design and create a specific piece of stained glass that will be used in a specific home or building. Stained glass artists do not need a formal education in order to pursue this career however a degree in fine arts helps aspiring stained glass artists learn new techniques as well as gain a greater appreciation and knowledge of the art of stained glass. The website reports that the salary range for a stained glass artist is between $14560 and $72500 per year.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $43530
High Salary: $72500
Low Salary: $14560
Tasks: Creates unique pieces of stained glass.
Uses various types of glass cutting tools.
Applies strips of lead to hold glass pieces together.
Stains glass to the desired color.
Also Called: Artisan
Glass Crafter
Window Artist
Glass Designer
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