A mural is most commonly described as a large painting that depicts a scene or a design. Murals are painted directly onto walls by talented fine artists called “muralists.” Murals can be added to walls within a house an office building a restaurant or inside of any other type of building. However they are sometimes painted onto outdoor walls or buildings. Muralists are hired by clients who need or want to add a specific scene style color or faux finish to their wall(s). Before a mural can be started however muralists must meet with their potential clients to determine what type of mural is desired. After the future mural is discussed muralists sketch ideas on paper so they can be approved or adjusted by their clients. Once approved the wall(s) where the mural will appear must be prepared and primed. Muralists must create a rough outline on the wall that will be used as a guide for the actual painting. Finally muralists complete their painting. According to the website muralists must take pictures of all their completed work and keep them in a portfolio to be used as examples to show future potential clients. Additionally muralists must keep up to date on new techniques and materials available so that they can recommend different finishes and patterns to future clients. While there is not a specific educational requirement to become a muralist many choose to attend a fine arts-related associate’s or a bachelor’s degree program. Most muralists are born with an innate artistic ability which can be sharpened with the help of formal training. According to the website muralists earn a median yearly salary of approximately $53080.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $53080
High Salary: $63080
Low Salary: $43080
Tasks: Paints large works of art on walls.
Adds faux finishes to surfaces.
Creates scenes of various themes.
Suggests designs that can accomplish an intended affect.
Also Called: Painter
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