Instructor – Crafts

Craft instructors expose art to the public by teaching their craft to interested parties. They help individuals of all ages including children teenagers and both young and old adults using a hands-on approach. Most craft instructors specialize in a particular craft. Among the crafts they teach are sewing knitting crocheting weaving painting silk-screening pottery making quilting soap making candle making wood working and photography. Ideally craft instructors have a college degree in art. However some just have a love for their craft have been practicing it for a long time and can show that they have skills by producing products that other people will want to emulate. If they are patient and good at communicating they will enjoy passing along their skills to those that want to learn. The website says that crafts instructors work at craft stores or shops where they organize classes for customers who purchase supplies. Some craft instructors work out of their own homes while others offer workshops at schools in the evening or on weekends or even travel to other people’s homes to give lessons. In such instances craft instructors need to have the necessary supplies available for the students they teach. With a regular schedule of classes and workshops and the ability to charge reasonable fees some craft instructors develop their teaching skills into a full-time business. Craft instructors usually get new customers by word of mouth and through responses to advertisements. According to the website the annual earnings for craft instructors fall between approximately $15000 and $27000.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $21000
High Salary: $27000
Low Salary: $15000
Tasks: Teaches hands-on craft courses.
Makes lesson plans.
Orders and provides craft supplies to students.
Places advertisements for craft classes.
Also Called: Craft Teacher
Arts & Crafts Instructor
Art Teacher
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