Structural Drafter

Structural drafters are professionals who draw the technical plans for buildings and other various types of structures such as bridges and tunnels. Additionally structural drafters are also responsible for determining cost estimates for construction projects based on the plans. In creating technical drawings structural drafters usually use computer aided design software programs but they also use rough sketches and information gathered from engineers and architects to produce their drafts. Because of the nature of this profession and the need for structural drafters to produce accurate technical drawings they must be knowledgeable about how to use tools such as slide rules squares and various types of drafting equipment. According to the website structural drafters not only produce technical drawings but they also make changes to existing drawings to ensure that each project adheres to specific regulations and codes. Typically a structural drafter must earn a minimum of an associate’s degree in the field of drafting engineering or architecture. However most structural drafters work a minimum of two years under the supervision of a more experienced drafter before they become responsible for their own projects. Additionally a certificate is available through the American Design Drafting Association but only some employers require it. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that this profession is expected to grow at a steady rate for the next several years and that those with extensive computer aided design skills will be the most likely to find the best jobs. The average salary for a structural drafter according to is $54147 per year.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $54147
High Salary: $58147
Low Salary: $50147
Tasks: Produces technical building plans.
Provides project cost estimates.
Uses computer aided design programs.
Makes and recommends changes to designs.
Also Called: Technical Drafter
Structural Designer
Construction Drafter
Building Drafter
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