Residential Designer

Residential designers are commonly called “architects.” They are professionals who are experts at designing new residential buildings. They also work on design projects related to the renovation of existing residences. Residential designers work on a wide range of projects including the design of large buildings such as condominiums and small projects such as a single family house. No matter how large or small the job according to residential designers must come up with design plans or “blueprints” that adhere to the desires of the client or future home owner. Besides being experts at architectural design concepts residential designers must also be aware of all laws rules and regulations surrounding the structural zoning and environmental requirements mandated by the state city or county in which the residential property will (or does) sit. Additionally residential designers must incorporate electrical systems plumbing and ventilation systems into their design plans. Usually residential designers utilize computer aided design (CAD) programs to create drafts but some complete their work by hand – using a pencil and paper. In order to become a residential designer a bachelor’s degree in the field of architecture must be earned from an accredited school. Upon graduation it is required in many states to become licensed. Residential designers must sometimes work long hours when they have deadlines to meet. While a typical work week is 40 hours if they are working on a big project they may be required to work during nighttime and weekend hours to get their work finished. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the average salary for a residential designer is $76750. However the exact salary can vary depending on whether the residential designer works for an architectural or design firm or if they are self-employed.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $76750
High Salary: $86750
Low Salary: $66750
Tasks: Designs residential buildings.
Oversees design projects.
Works with clients on design specifications.
Draws up plans for projects and presents them to clients.
Also Called: Residential Architect
Home Designer
Interior Designer
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