Landscape Architect

Landscape architects are professionals who love nature and have analytical skills have creative and artistic talent and have the ability to communicate ideas to others in both written and oral form. Landscape architects design gardens parks and playgrounds residential areas college campuses shopping centers and even golf courses and parkways. Their goal is to create functional designs that are both attractive and integrated into the natural environment. They often collaborate with professionals such as engineers when they work on a plan for designing roadways and architects when they sketch out a model for areas that will surround buildings. They usually work within a budget so the detailed proposals they submit must list materials that will be used and type of construction that will be required to implement the design. Landscape architects must be well-versed in using computer applications to convey their designs and to develop presentations proposals and reports for colleagues supervisors and clients. Landscape architects work mainly in urban and suburban areas but a small proportion work for the federal government designing parks and recreation areas in rural areas. They have jobs in architectural engineering firms as well as state and local governments but about 20 percent of landscape architects are self-employed. The website says that in almost every state landscape architects must have a license which can be obtained by earning a landscape architecture degree from an accredited school having work experience and passing a Landscape Architect Registration exam. There will always be job openings for landscape architects but competition is stiff for positions at large prestigious firms. The median annual salary for landscape architects is approximately $60000.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $66945
High Salary: $97370
Low Salary: $36520
Tasks: Plans and designs open space.
Develops aesthetically pleasing environments.
Works on urban, rural and residential projects.
Presents proposals to clients.
Also Called: Land Developer
Urban Planner
Landscape Designer
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