Civil Engineering Technologist

Civil engineering technologists work together with a team of engineers technicians construction workers architects and others on the planning development and building of many systems and essential structures that make a town or city function in an efficient manner.

Some of the most common projects upon which civil engineering technologists work are roads sewage systems bridges tunnels and basically everything that the residents or visitors of a location need for transportation housing commercial business retail centers and also every-day essential modern conveniences such water and sewer systems.

Civil engineering technologists are normally supervised by higher-level engineers and work on every aspect of a project including researching drafting of construction plans inspecting sites consulting on exactly what materials should be used to construct the project determining how much the project will cost and seeing the project to its completion.

Civil engineering technologists also monitor the progress of the project and determine if the contractors hired for the construction phase have done a satisfactory job. Some important skills for a civil engineering technologist are the ability to work well with a team higher than average math skills and the ability to use computers for drafting and design work.

Most have earned a minimum of an associates degree from an accredited school but some jobs require a bachelors degree.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the average salary for a civil engineering technologist is approximately $44000 per year.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $44000
High Salary: $54000
Low Salary: $34000
Tasks: Plans, develops and oversees the construction of structures.
Works on all aspects of a project.
Drafts plans for a construction project.
Monitors the progress of construction.
Also Called: Engineering Technologist
Engineering Technician
Materials Engineering Technologist
Civil Engineering Technician
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