Architectural Design Technologist

An architectural design technologist works in the architecture field and is highly skilled in drafting and design. Additionally this type of technologist is very educated in using computer aided design software (commonly referred to as CAD) to design structures buildings houses and more.

After completion of a bachelors degree program an architectural design technologist may choose to work for an architecture firm work for a construction company or work independently as a contractor. There are several facets of the architecture profession but the architectural design technician focuses on the design aspect of this industry through the use of computer programs to create the blueprints necessary before construction can commence on any type of building project.

A successful architectural design technician will continue to learn new skills as computer aided design programs advance. Just like most computer programs CAD software continues to progress and change and its important for architectural design technologists stay informed and trained on the newest technology available in the industry. states that the architectural industry remains a growing field and the growth potential for well-trained technologists remains high.  For additional resources about this field please look here.

According to the United States Department of Labor the salary range for an architectural design technologist ranges from $38060 for an entry level position to $99800 for a higher level position.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $68930
High Salary: $99800
Low Salary: $38060
Tasks: Works in the architecture field.
Designs structures, buildings, houses, and more.
Works for an architecture firm, a construction company, or as an independent contractor.
Uses Computer Aided Design (CAD) software programs.
Also Called: Architect
Building Designer
CAD Specialist
Building Designer
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