Architectural Design Technician

Architectural design technicians sometimes called architectural technicians, architectural technologists or architecturalengineering designers are adept at using computer technology programs to help in the design and renovation of buildings that will be practical and useful.

According to undergraduate programs in this field include courses in construction materials architectural drawing and computer-aided design. Students that complete a certificate or 2-year associate's degree program take courses in board drafting basic and advanced computer assisted design programs.

Upon completing these programs many pursue careers in construction general contracting and structure inspection.Some work as design assistants in engineering and architectural firms. With additional courses in construction technology spatial design and building codes students can earn a bachelor's degree and go on to become surveyors and site developers. If you are interested in careers in construction start your search right now.

The pay scale for architectural design technicians ranges from $10 to $55 per hour with an average annual salary of $37000. In general this profession requires a 40-hour work week but that could increase when there is travel to sites or when deadlines must be met. Architectural design technicians are in high demand because nowadays no project can be initiated without computer-assisted drawings. In addition architectural design technicians often have skills that allow them to continue their education in college engineering programs should they so desire.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $67600
High Salary: $114400
Low Salary: $20800
Tasks: Uses computer technology programs.
Employed in the fields of construction, general contracting, and structure inspection.
Works as design assistants in engineering and architectural firms.
Works as surveyors and site developers.
Also Called: Architectural Technician
Architectural Technologist
Architectural/Engineering Designer
Computer Aided Designer
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