Viticulture is a branch of horticulture that refers to the science of grape growing specifically when the grapes will be used in the production of wine. Viticulturists are the individuals that play various roles in the process of establishing and maintaining vineyards where the grapes that will be harvested will be of sufficiently high quality for use in the production of wine. According to viticulturists perform a variety of tasks that must be performed in these vineyards that will result in a high quantity as well as quality of the grapes. They must take care to prune fertilize and irrigate the vineyards monitor the growth of the grapes grown there and make sure they get the proper amount of sun exposure and determine the best time for harvesting them. In addition they are responsible for putting in place a means of controlling diseases and pest populations that could damage the yield as well as the quality of the fruit. The website says that viticulturists spend much of their time outdoors in the vineyards checking on the grapes and there are times of the year when they must work especially long hours. Experienced viticulturists may work in the wine industry rather than directly in vineyards. Some serve in an advisory role to vineyard owners but they may also be wine buyers or managers of wine cellars. Most viticulturists have some formal training in horticulture but they are also discriminating connoisseurs of tasting wined to determine their quality. The website says that earnings for viticulturists depend on the company or industry the location and the experience of the employee. However the average annual salary for viticulturists is approximately $79000.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $79000
High Salary: $89000
Low Salary: $69000
Tasks: Works in a vineyard.
Monitors the growth of grapes.
Decides when to commence a harvest.
Ensures the maximum yield for a vineyard.
Also Called: Horticulturist
Wine Maker
Grape Grower
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