Plant Electrician

Manufacturing plants are generally filled with large and complicated machinery that runs on electricity. A plant electrician works to ensure that the electrical systems within machinery and equipment are operational and safe. Plant electricians conduct routine maintenance checks on equipment run tests to ensure that electrical systems are functioning properly and fix problems in an efficient manner. Because industrial plants rely on electricity for functionality if the electrical systems that run machinery and equipment fails the whole production process comes to a halt. Besides maintaining and fixing the electrical systems in existing machinery and equipment plant electricians are also responsible for installing and wiring new machinery and equipment. Because of the large scale of the machinery inside of industrial plants the plant electricians working there must strictly adhere to all safety rules and regulations in order to avoid dangerous situations including the risk of electrical shock. Additionally because of the massive amounts of electricity used in a manufacturing plant plant electricians are responsible for ensuring that electric circuits do not become overloaded and therefore blow. The profession of plant electrician can lead to more advanced positions within a manufacturing plant and it can also lead to higher level electrician positions outside of the manufacturing industry. For example plant electricians can advance into positions related to electrical safety inspections. The educational requirement for a career as a plant electrician includes a high school diploma or a GED and the completion of an apprenticeship program. Apprenticeship programs generally last several years. After an apprenticeship program is over plant electricians can expect to earn a significantly higher salary than what they are paid during their training. The website lists the average yearly salary for a plant electrician at $39000.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Apprenticeship
Avg Salary: $39000
High Salary: $49000
Low Salary: $29000
Tasks: Evaluates electrical problems.
Installs electrical wiring.
Tests electrical wiring for safety.
Responds to electrical break-downs.
Also Called: Electrical Journeyman
Electrical Contractor
Master Electrician
Maintenance Electrician
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