Plant Breeding Tech

Plant breeding technicians help plant scientists plant biologists and botanists in many areas of the plant breeding industry. Plants are bred for many reasons but the main purposes are to create plants that produce the most amount of food that are resistant to diseases that can live with the least amount of water and that can help scientists with various types of experiments and developments. Plant breeding technicians are responsible for several tasks but some of the most common include helping to seed crop and fertilize the plants working in greenhouses or on outdoor fields to monitor the growing plants watching for damaged or diseased plants and keeping records of plant growth. They usually work under the direct supervision of researchers or scientists and may be assigned varying tasks on a daily basis. Plant breeding technicians are often responsible for helping to prepare experiments related to cross-breeding plants in order to create hybrids and they also often work in laboratory settings where they prepare plant samples for observation or research studies. They are also generally responsible for collecting and charting data related to the plants being studied including their growth and characteristics. According to the website plant breeding technicians must have a minimum of an associate’s degree with courses related to agriculture or botanical science. Additionally aspiring plant breeding technicians should have a true interest in plants greenhouse operations and horticulture. The website states that plant breeding technicians can usually work their way up to the position of supervising plant breeders with years of on-the-job training or additional schooling.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $44000
High Salary: $54000
Low Salary: $34000
Tasks: Completes greenhouse work.
Helps to plant, fertilize, and maintain growing plants.
Works to trim, graft, and seed plants.
Generates hybrid plants.
Also Called: Agronomist Technician
Crop Technician
Botany Technician
Plant Cross Breeding Technician
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