Nature Conservator

Nature conservators have careers devoted to working with and caring for animals birds and fish that reside in zoos bird parks aquariums private game farms or government owned national or state parks. The website says that nature conservators make sure that the environment they are in charge of is clean and well-maintained and they oversee the physical well-being of the animals that live in it making sure they are properly fed. They make sure any breeding programs are carried out correctly and on schedule. In addition they are constantly on the lookout for any problems that arise within these populations. If they suspect an illness they report it immediately to the veterinarian in charge. Nature conservators must be physically fit and willing to work both indoors and outdoors in all kinds of weather and they can expect to work on some weekends and holidays. In some instances they may be in charge of capturing and transporting animals to different areas or facilities. There may be occasions in which they meet with government officials and lawyers to advise them about preserving an environment that will be beneficial to wildlife. In settings such as zoos or parks nature conservators often give talks to educate the public about the habits and ideal environments for the animals so they must be good at communicating. They are often placed in charge of lower level attendants and volunteers so they must have good supervisory skills. The website says that some nature conservators have veterinary training but more often they have had gained their experience by working as veterinary assistants. The website says that salaries for nature conservators can range from a low of approximately $24000 to a high of almost $73000.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $48820.5
High Salary: $72841
Low Salary: $24800
Tasks: Helps to preserve the environment.
Ensures the well-being of animals.
Educates the public on nature preservation.
Works to guarantee that land is being used in responsible ways.
Also Called: Natural Resource Manager
Environmental Conservator
Animal Conservator
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