Logging Scaler Technician

When members of the timber industry cut down trees for the purpose of selling the timber to manufacturers logging scaler technicians observe the logs and measure them to determine their scale and quality. The measurements are used to determine the market value of the wood and the price that will be assigned to it. Logging scaler technicians are trained to determine the volume of the wood check it for defects and identify the exact species of the wood. Sometimes according to Wikipedia.org logging scaler technicians are hired to re-scale logs to verify the measurements another scaler has assigned to pieces of wood. The purpose of the double checking is to verify that the measurements are as accurate as possible due to the fact that scaling is not always an exact science. The job of a logging scaler technician is essential to the profitability of logging companies and manufacturing companies because the scaler is the main person to assess the value of the logs to be sold. Besides taking measurements and identifying wood species logging scaler technicians are also responsible for recording information in a record book or computer system painting identification marks on logs so that others can easily identify them checking for damage to the logs and tending to the equipment that moves logs from one place to another. According to www.careerquestions.com logging scaler technicians need a high school diploma or the equivalent. Most skills for this profession are learned on the job and through training programs offered by employers. Many logging companies also require that their employees enroll in various types of training programs and seminars that explain the necessity to maintain the health of forests environmental compliance safety and the importance of reforestation. The typical yearly salary for a logging scaler technician is $27680 per year.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $27684
High Salary: $29684
Low Salary: $25684
Tasks: Grades logs using measurements.
Determines the quality of logs.
Estimates the value of logs.
Identifies sub-standard logs.
Also Called: Log Sorter
Logging Worker
Log Marker
Log Mover
Additional Resources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Log_scaler