Horticultural Tech

A horticultural technician works directly with plants from their earliest stage until they are ready to be used for educational purposes or sent to laboratories for tests or research. While some horticultural specialists work in nurseries that grow plants that will ultimately be used for landscaping or aesthetics many plants that horticulture technicians oversee are grown for a more scientific purpose. Horticulture technicians work with plants that are growing both in outdoor settings as well as indoor nurseries. The responsibilities of a horticultural technician are specific and usually include preparing soil for plants planting and transplanting seedlings watering plants on an as-needed basis applying pesticides and fertilizer to promote healthy growth of plants adjusting the location and angle of the plants so they receive optimal sunlight and overseeing the overall plant growing areas. Sometimes horticultural technicians will be employed by golf courses to maintain the landscaping and irrigation systems. According to the website tradeability.ca some of the personal characteristics necessary for a job as a horticultural technician include a desire to work with plants no problems with working outdoors andor indoors on a rotating basis the ability to follow rules and keep logs of work completed and a willingness to be challenged. Additionally they must be nurturing to the plants under their care. In order to qualify as a horticultural technician it’s important to have a high school diploma. Most positions require the completion of an apprenticeship program or lengthy on-the-job training. According to careers.stateuniversity.com the average salary for a horticultural technician is $37000 per year.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Apprenticeship
Avg Salary: $42588
High Salary: $49920
Low Salary: $35256
Tasks: Grows plants in the best possible type of soil.
Cares for the needs of developing plants.
Applies pesticides to plants.
Provides fertilizer and water to growing plants.
Also Called: Plant Cultivator
Plant Nursery Technician
Botanical Technician
Additional Resources: http://www.thejobexplorer.com/Job_Description/Horticultural_Technician.html