Florists are individuals who love plants and flowers have an artistic talent and enjoy working with customers to assist them in creating unique floral arrangements for various occasions. Florists often called floral designers work with plants as well as flowers which they design cut and arrange. They must be knowledgeable about which flowers will work best in various arrangements and what size and shape of vase will best display a particular floral creation. According to the website aspiring florists may take courses in floral arrangement but they can also learn on-the-job. However the website says that nowadays floral designers pursue post-secondary education that leads to a certificate or even a degree in floriculture or horticulture. While not required such qualifications help when they apply for jobs. Florists play an important role in occasions such as wedding ceremonies or engagement and anniversary parties. In addition holidays such as birthdays Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day are busy for florists but they are also called upon when there are funerals because flowers are often an expression of sympathy. Florists will continue to be in demand in the coming years. Many grocery stores now have full-service floral shops and florists are now employed in internet floral shops. Some florists open their own shops and are self-employed in which case they are also responsible for billing customers and keeping financial records. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says the median annual income for florists is approximately $22000 but well-established florists with a customer base can earn quite a bit more.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $22000
High Salary: $26000
Low Salary: $18000
Tasks: Chooses flowers for flower arrangements.
Selects vases to hold flowers.
Works with clients on decorating for various occasions.
Feeds, waters and cares for flowers in a store.
Also Called: Floral Designer
Flower Arranger
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