There are several different types of farmers all of whom work to produce different types of food for consumers. Some examples of farming types include fruit and vegetable farmers animal farmers and dairy farmers. While a majority of current-day farmers grew up on farms and were born into a family of farmers others learn the trade by attending an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree program at an agricultural school. Not only are farmers responsible for growing and harvesting their products or taking care of the animals which they will eventually sell they must thoroughly understand the business aspects of farming. While there are specific seasons in which certain crops grow the profession of being a farmer is year-round and there is rarely a break in which a farmer can spend an extended amount of time away from the farm. A professional farmer has a difficult labor-intensive and demanding career which takes a high level of dedication. Being a farmer is a way of life rather than a “job.” The number of farms and farmers in the United States has been on the decline according the Bureau of Labor Statistics. However do to the fact that the population of the world continues to increase the demand for food will always remain high. Therefore individuals looking to enter the farming profession have many opportunities and choices on where they want to live raise their family and establish their farm. According to the average yearly salary for a farmer is approximately $45000 per year but the salary can vary greatly depending on the yield of a crop in a given year.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $45000
High Salary: $50000
Low Salary: $40000
Tasks: Grows food or raises livestock and sells it for a profit.
Prepares the ground for planting.
Seeds, fertilizes, waters, and cares for growing crops.
Harvests crops and sells to food buyers.
Also Called: Crop Farmer
Animal Farmer
Vegetable Farmer
Dairy Farmer
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